Packaging machinery industry under market pressure to seek change


With the development of science and technology, the production concept and product structure of all walks of life are changing constantly. One of the most as a fundamental industry has always been to innovation as the packaging machine industry, are also constantly on the reform of the new technology, constantly telling new science and technology into the design of the equipment production, make continuous development and progress in the direction of the intelligent equipment, packaging machinery industry in our country also gradually in the progress, also began to develop to a new level, but there is a big domestic pressure, but the production of packaging machinery is very difficult to satisfy the demand of the market, not because of lack of packaging machine, but a lack of advanced technology, domestic packaging machine still lags far behind foreign machinery.

According to the report, China machinery industry federation, said the current, production-oriented enterprises the urgent demand for automatic packaging machine with the domestic packaging machinery industry development are relatively backward contradictions increasingly protruding, foreign packaging machine equipment suppliers to enter China on a large scale of various production industry, and are still under expansion, the development of packaging machinery industry of our country caused great pressure.

In order to improve the development level of China's packaging machinery industry, we should focus on two aspects: one is to increase investment in advanced technology research and development, improve the ability of independent innovation. Domestic packaging machine and foreign equipment, as long as it is far behind in terms of technology. Second, manufacturing to keep improving, improve the level of appearance design. By grasping the advantages of flexible design ideas in China's packaging machinery industry and close space distance with domestic customers, we can obtain more customer demand information, and develop and design products suitable for domestic and international customers.